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Reptar by imaginaryending Reptar :iconimaginaryending:imaginaryending 12 19
Mature content
Micah -In Reflection- :iconimaginaryending:imaginaryending 5 11
A Matter of Some Concern
(K/S Slash. Don't like? Please go no further!)
"Captain." Spock's voice, direct and unemotional, gave Jim a moment to pause. He was on his way back to his quarters, but Spock had stopped him just before leaving the bridge.
"Spock," Jim acknowledged with a smile, "What can I do for you?" Jim allowed the others to enter the turbolift as he stayed behind, settling his eyes upon his first officer. Spock stood straight as a rod, hands folded calmly behind his back, stern eyebrows set. To anyone else, he would appear as he always did, unattached, but Jim had come to know Spock a little better in the few months they had been acquainted on their exploration mission, and he noticed a certain discomfort in the Vulcan's eyes.
Spock took a deliberate step forward, clearly not wishing any of the rest of the bridge crew to overhear, though none of them were paying the slightest attention. "I wish to have a private word with you. It is a matter of some concern to me, and I believe I must bring it to
:iconimaginaryending:imaginaryending 60 79
J ai une idee by imaginaryending J ai une idee :iconimaginaryending:imaginaryending 2 14
I Tried To Write You a Letter
My thoughts are a wad of tangled thread
Unraveling out the hole of my mouth.
I suck them in and hack them out,
Give them voice through the rupture of my lungs.
The walls of my throat are sore and slick,
And I dedicate this sickness to you.
Ink drips from the dip of my lips,
The dying blood of words I never wrote
And never managed to say.
They turned black on the lump of my tongue,
Suffocating and thick.
I would have given them to you.
I am raw, crusted and dying upon a page
While lines dissect the pale length of my face.
I am lost in the smear,
In the stream of my pen.
And whatever I meant
Means nothing to you.
:iconimaginaryending:imaginaryending 4 27
Now Entering Wyoming
Now Entering Wyoming:
Home to the longest stretch of Highway on God's good earth,
Population: one billion cows, one hundred people,
And this little car, passing line after line of barbed wire fence on her way through,
Wavering like the lines of heat rising off the asphalt.
(When I reach the horizon I'll be out of here
When I reach the horizon
When I reach the)
Where the horizon doesn't exist
And the endless length of road leads straight into the steel sky
Like a delta to the sea
And everyone's biggest fear is being stranded between nowhere and purgatory.
Where the nuclear dust of the apocalypse has come early.
(Next city I'll stop at a hotel for the night
Next city I'll stop
Next city)
Where there are no cities
Where even the scrub grass is grey come wintertime
And the most interesting thing for three hundred miles is an orange spot of antelope
By the side of the road
And the semi-truck that almost hit it.
(Just a few more hours of this
Just a few more hours
Just a few)
Where each hour
:iconimaginaryending:imaginaryending 1 20
Finn and Todd by imaginaryending Finn and Todd :iconimaginaryending:imaginaryending 0 13
Apartment 203 -- Part 16
"Are ye bleedin' serious?"
Finn covered his mouth with his hand, trying to stifle the giggle that threatened to burst forth. Nessa heard it, though, and her face contorted into intense displeasure.
"I ain't wearin' this fuckin' thing."
"Oh come on, it suits you!" That was a lie. The second she slipped that maroon apron over her Mohawk, she became what could only be described as incredibly awkward-looking.  Finn had pulled a lot of strings to get her this job at the convenience store, though, and he knew that under her scowl and knit eyebrows, she was appreciative. In a Nessa sort of way, of course.
"An' do I have te wear the name tag?" She fingered the little bronze rectangle as though touching something particularly gross and sticky.
"Yeah, we all do. It's part of the job. Don't worry, no one cares. We all look like idiots."
She had already made fun of him for the blatant misspelling of his own name tag, so she couldn't help but concede.
"Aye, ye got a point there. Shite, I
:iconimaginaryending:imaginaryending 7 39
Fear of a Moment REVISED
Wind rushed through our hair as though the air were gasping,
startling the boughs hanging over our heads.
Trees trembled, reaching their crooked fingers downward
straining to take hold of the dew-wet grass.
On the horizon where our eyes were fixed
Mountains cast shadows like great black teeth silhouetted against the stars.
I held your hand,
Afraid the mouth of God, stretched wide as the world,
Would swallow us,
Scrape us into His gullet and into nothing.
We held our breath, and I saw that you had shut your eyes against the sky,
The thin line of your mouth betraying you as it quivered.
Your palm, sweat-slick pressed to mine, was slipping
Even as the gusts calmed and the trees straightened their spines,
Curled their fingers back into branches,
And composed themselves.
Wind turned to breeze,
and the great chasm above our heads became nothing but a yawning stretch of space.
Softly, fear flitted past with the rest of the dead leaves,
Dark and disintegrating.
:iconimaginaryending:imaginaryending 0 17
Apartment 203 -- Part 15
It was seven AM when the first knock on the door woke Finn from his dreaming. He didn't know what the sound was when he first opened his eyes, aware only of the warm arm draped across him and the cocoon of blankets that had him encased in a soft, pleasant heat. He was aware of the slight autumn chill that had even managed to creep into the apartment, but he didn't realize the door had awoken him until it happened again.
Three steady knocks.
Pulling his eyes open further, Finn carefully lifted Todd's arm and rested it on the bed, hoping not to wake his boyfriend, though Todd just pulled his exposed limb back under the blanket. Finn sat up, wincing at the headache and slight turn of the stomach that had chosen then to make themselves apparent.
Last night had been quite a celebration, what with Nessa and Tash's engagement and the excitement that followed, and he certainly wasn't recovered by seven AM.
The knocks sounded again, more insistent this time.
"Finn… Fiiiiiinn," Todd
:iconimaginaryending:imaginaryending 9 42
For Wanda by imaginaryending For Wanda :iconimaginaryending:imaginaryending 2 8
You were snowflakes on my tongue as I tasted
that freezing silver sky.
The wind coming in smelled of storm--  
I waited.  
Later, you were that wind,
beating against the blinds as if glass were ice
and would shatter.
Giving up, you became the morning: Grey snow
beneath my boots.
:iconimaginaryending:imaginaryending 9 20
Glee Me ID by imaginaryending Glee Me ID :iconimaginaryending:imaginaryending 6 60
I was going to hide it until you knew
what you understood but could not accept--
Now I'll spend a millennium reliving you.
But how long can I live with these grisly tattoos
avoiding the streets and the gangland concept?
I was going to hide it until you knew.
I've been hearing your breathing through the black and the blue
and fondling the memories that I moulded and prepped.
Now I'll spend a millennium reliving you.
You sliced off my eyelids and showed me a view
past the concrete, through the blood, so gorgeous I wept.
I was going to hide it until you knew.
I remember waking in daylight, covered in dew,
on the rooftop from which I wish I had leapt
Now I'll spend a millennium reliving you.
Here I'll try to become a fusion of two,
the man and the memories, and the secrets I kept
I was going to hide it until you knew,
now I'll spend a millennium reliving you.
:iconimaginaryending:imaginaryending 6 45
Women of The USS Serendipity by imaginaryending Women of The USS Serendipity :iconimaginaryending:imaginaryending 3 24 Good Times by imaginaryending Good Times :iconimaginaryending:imaginaryending 1 30


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The Embrace :iconadmiralj:Admiralj 69 10
Bedroom Playtime - Embrace II by nitr0gene
Mature content
Bedroom Playtime - Embrace II :iconnitr0gene:nitr0gene 45 8




United States
Hi there! Here's a bit about me: I'm 20 years old, a voracious reader and writer, a music junkie, an obsessive fangirl, and I love getting to know people!
So, if you want to be friends, just drop me a note, or a comment, or something like that :D.

Current Residence: Montana
Favourite genre of music: Rock. ALWAYS AND FOREVER.
MP3 player of choice: Mikey. yes, that is my ipod's name.
Favourite cartoon character: Batman

Ahoy! Long journal ahead!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 27, 2009, 2:47 PM
  • Listening to: David Sedaris (When You Are Englufed In Flames)

So, I'm gonna start with the bad news, 'cause I'm feeling it pretty heavy right now.
I didn't get into the workshops. AGAIN. I know it's not a big deal, and it's such a subjective art form, but I'd like it if one out of four professors thought I was a good enough writer to be a part of his/her class. I just get so discouraged over these things. Maybe I'm not writing enough. Maybe I need practice. Or maybe I'm not reading enough, and I have to broaden my horizons. It's just so tough to do either of those things when you're scrambling just to get good grades in school while maintaining some semblance of a social life. I don't know. I'm just going to keep trying. I mean, I can't NOT write. The idea itself seems CRAZY to me. I'm going to keep doing what I love, whether I'm any good at it or not. Siiiiiigh. Yeah, so at least I'm not sobbing about it this semester, but I can't say I'm not still upset.

Anyways, that's the shit news that makes me want to beat my head against the wall.
Here's my GOOD news that still makes me giddy with joy when I think about it, and is totally cheering me up right now:

Yes, that's right. One of my favorite authors ever ever ever ever, and I met him. He signed my copy of Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim and actually chatted with me!!! It was AMAZING. He was doing a reading at the Festival of the Book (another reason this town is amazing. Where else has a festival of the BOOK?!) and after the reading, he did a signing. It was totally glorious.
I've now met two of my heroes in ONE YEAR.

I may be a shitty writer, but I have some damn fine luck. :)

Anyways, sorry about always being absent, but I'm trying to keep on top of DA. As soon as this essay for Vic Lit is done, I'll have some more time. (maybe) Also, if I don't see y'all before Saturday... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

I'm gonna go finish this essay then watch an episode of Star Trek. That always makes me happy.

P.S. Would anyone be terribly upset if I put Acoustic in Storage? I won't delete it or anything, but I really want to clean up my gallery. If anyone really wants me to keep it public, I will.

I Support Loud Music Stamp by Sora05 I support writing English by FragileReveries Heroes Stamp by Tao2Eden Netspeak Stamp by AnnaethGreenleaf Addicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesner Homophobia is Gay - Stamp by padfootsmyhero Music Is My Girlfriend by DaXXe :thumb96955453: Twilight joke  stamp by Queen-of-Ice-Heart The Queen by mex23 Bright Eyes Stamp by Sluagh Irish Stamp by jerseygrl246 Jack Daniels by itwasacommonstory love3 by crazykira-stamps My first stamp by imaginaryending Gimme Coffee by Sadiya i love tea. by Sadiya :thumb63453344: Stamp .:8059:. by B-E-F-F :thumb105139791: :thumb112689813: My imagination is my reality by Heroes-Guy Smokers Stamp by MissLittlewood :thumb105375109:


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